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As AirTies, we have put “Wireless Life” in the center of our targets. Our customer satisfaction as well as recommendation performance, our award winning technologies & products are surely an outcome of a dedicated, highly motivated, ambitious and result-oriented team. We do good things. We do things we believe in and what we believe in is good!


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AirTies researches, develops and markets products that wirelessly connect devices to each other, the Internet and people. Our product portfolio includes patented technologies in high-speed Internet access, ADSL, FTTx and wireless IPTV. Our target customers are operators, consumers, small business, internet-based telephony/VoIP and internet-based television service providers around the world.

In contrast to our competitors who are fundamentally marketing companies reliant on chip or third party vendors for product design, AirTies develops its own products which are designed to operate flawlessly with local service providers, even in concrete/stone buildings and difficult electrical environments.

Apply Now Become a Member of the AirTies Family

We are constantly increasing our R&D staff in line with the growth of the company. We hire new graduates and engineers with a solid knowledge of the technology platforms (embedded systems, Linux, networking, etc.), to be trained by our expert engineers. We partner with leading universities, such as Sabanci and Bosphorus University, for new technology development and internships.

Since 2004, AirTies has reached a world wide installed base of over 12M products with its visionary, committed and devoted team. Our award winning products are the reflections of our ambitious targets and customer-focused technologies. We have almost 300 employers, 118 of which are located in our R&D center. If you want to take your place among this winning team, please check out our open positions and share your resumé with us.

All general applications will be kept in our database in accordance with our privacy policy and will be evaluated for vacant positions in line with your qualifications.

Apply Now Become a Member of the AirTies Family

If you are a fresh graduate with skills and interest (such as Linux) for software development and a strong vision for the future, we would like to introduce you to our Summerseed Program.

Pop-up: Summerseed is the internship program of AirTies who is one of the world’s leading players of wi-fi solutions. To select our interns, we work with the major universities in Turkey.

During the 4-week program, AirTies’ most prominent engineers mentor the selected students on wi-fi engineering and also give them the opportunity the create their own projects. At the end of the internship, the owner of winning projects will have the chance to realize these projects with AirTies engineers and even become a member of the AirTies family.

To apply to our Summerseed program, keep your eyes open at your campus!