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Air 4610 600 Mbps Wireless Video Streamer

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Air 4610 600 Mbps Wireless Video Streamer

600 Mbps Wireless Video Streamer
600 Mbps Wireless Video Streaming, AirTouch,  1  Fast Ethernet ( Gigabit Ethernet optional)

•    Air 4610 is offering a 4x4 802.11n high-speed wireless solution that can provide ultra reliability, predictable bandwidth and unprecedented high speed performance for real-time video distribution and data transmission in the home.
•    Complete push-button wireless network set up and configuration. Simply pushing the “AirTouch” button on Air 4610 is all that needed to configure the device on the wireless network and enable security.  AirTouch is compliant with WPS therefore all WPS compliant clients can be connected to Air4610 with a touch of a button.
•    Air 4610 is capable of wirelessly sending 4 HD and 4 SD video streams simultaneously. The device continues to operate as an access poing while providing this functionality.
•    Optional Gigabit LAN port
•    Plug and Play Installation. No configuration is needed (SSID, Security, Channel, Pairing etc).
1.      Turn On the device
2.      Check WiFi  Link LED to see if the signal between two device is sufficient for HD video distribution or not
3.      Enjoy

N-hance your life with highest-speed wireless connectivity in every corner while sharing your movies, music and photos!!

In the area of wireless video transmission, Air4610 getting ready to achieve many firsts in the world. In those environments where concrete walls are in the way and where the frequencies in which wireless transmission takes place is full, the AirTies Air4610 does what is almost impossible and provide uninterrupted communications at 5GHz to transfer video/IPTV packets. With the smart frequency selection feature, Air4610 selects the most suitable frequency for itself, and with the QoS (Quality of Service) feature that gives high priority to video packets, Air4610 ends the clutter of cables in your  house.

A high speed Wireless Bridge can be created to enable connect devices in the home that have only an Ethernet port, such as Internet TVs, Set Top Boxes and Game Consoles.

Wireless Video Features
•    Interference Avoidance: Air4610 scans all 22 channels at the 5Ghz band, monitors traffic and noise in each channel and dynamically changes wireless channels to avoid interference at runtime without interrupting video streaming.  
•    Jitter Avoidance: Jitter avoidance technology time stamps each packet and ensures video arrives at STB as if it is receiving from a wired Ethernet connection with a small delay.
•    Smart queuing:  Video buffers at both the transmitter (AP) and receiver (STB) manage which packets have been actually received and retransmit lost ones while maintaining packet ordering critical to video.
•    Traffic prioritization: Automatic detection of traffic type (multicast, unicast TCP/UDP, gaming) and prioritization.

AirTies Network Assistant
More and more devices have the ability to be connected to networks, from netbooks, notebooks and computers to televisions, media players and mobile phones. With this rise in the number of devices that are connected to the home network and the greater number of network components and configuration required to enable this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to setup and keep home networks running effectively. Going forward, more consumer devices will become network enabled, meaning that this situation will only get worse.

There are various techniques and tools that are available to monitor and manage networks. The difficulty is that these tools require a high level of technical knowledge and experience to understand and use, which is considerably more than the average home user should be expected to posses.

AirTies Network Assistant is a novel and innovative application that runs on users’ Personal Computers and allows all users to setup, configure, monitor and control their home network, whatever their technical understanding is. All functionality is delivered in a user friendly way and is very easy to use.

5 GHz Video Distribution
Most wireless routers operate at 2.4GHz which has only 3 non-overlapping channels. This leads to congestion which reduces wireless performance significantly. However, 5 GHz support provides 22 channels for interference free, high speed true 600Mbps wireless networking, allowing you to watch High Definition video, listen to music or view photos at high speeds. In addition, AirTies Dynamic Channel Change technology always picks the best available channel and continually monitors for the best channel. Ideal for wireless video or Web TV viewing.

AirTouch technology provides complete push-button wireless network set up and configuration
For many users who are not experts, configuring wireless security is difficult. AirTouch makes it possible for anyone to configure these complex settings automatically at the touch of a button. Pushing the “AirTouch” button on the Air4610 is an indication that you can physically reach the device and also that you are a trusted user. When the button is pressed, the AirTouch connection begins, and the security settings between Access Points are automatically configured.

AirTouch technology allows Automatic Configuration Sharing where any changes to the wireless configuration of a node are automatically sent out to all nodes in the network. For example, if the wireless network password on a MESH network consisting of 3 wireless Access Points needs to be changed, you no longer need to set the password on each AP. Any change to one of the APs gets propagated to the others automatically synchronizing the settings of all wireless nodes in the network.

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