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"My family wants the same as everyone else - Wi-Fi that simply works for everything, all the time. There's really no alternative. But as we bring more technology into our home and stream more and more video, standard Wi-Fi can often be slow or fail completely. AirTies solves the problem - we're Wi-Fi wizards! Here’s a bit more about how we do it"

Metin Ismail Taskin

Co-Founder and CTO


Traditionally Wi-Fi signals originates only from a home wireless router, which is located close to the location where your broadband connection is. It is a known fact that Wi-Fi signals weaken when they go through walls and ceilings. You will most likely experience slow download speed or even no connection when you try to access Internet from locations that are away from your main wireless router.

AirTies is changing the way Wi-Fi signals are distributed throughout the home. As Wi-Fi specialists, AirTies make small and sleek Wireless Access Points, which you can easily install in multiple locations in your home, boost signals and speed up Wi-Fi. AirTies Premium Wi-Fi Technology establishes a wireless mesh network between AirTies Wi-Fi Access Points that connect to each other without requiring any cabling between them. That way, Wi-Fi signals originate from multiple hot spots so that every wireless mobile or portable device receives much stronger signal wherever they are.


AirTies Access Points are dual band capable, i.e. they provide Wi-Fi service in both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands simultaneously. That way, 2.4 GHz only or 2.4 and 5 GHz dual band wireless devices can connect the Wi-Fi network wherever they are. However it is up to the wireless device to choose which frequency band to use in order to access Internet.

Unfortunately wireless devices cannot always make the right decision; dual band capable devices usually choose 2.4 GHz band which is low speed and interference prone compared to 5 GHz. AirTies Band Steering technology makes sure that every dual band capable device connect to 5 GHz which is much faster and almost interference free.


Mobile devices usually connect to an Access Point that is providing the strongest signal to them. However, when you walk inside your home, your mobile device also comes with you. When you get farther from the original location, the signal level from that Access Point gets weaker and weaker. Many clients stick to the first Access Point that they have connected to even though the signal weakens and connection speed gets very low. This is called “Sticky Client” phenomenon. AirTies Client Steering technology follows your mobile devices while they are moving around and forces them to connect to an Access Point that can provide the best Internet speed at their specific location.


It is so common to watch Internet video on our wireless mobile devices while we are at home. We all hate to see video interrupted and starts buffering at the most exciting part of a movie. Streaming video to wireless devices is so challenging, any performance problem in your Wi-Fi network causes video to stop and go.

AirTies Premium Wi-Fi network ‘prioritize video signals over other internet traffic using AirTies Wireless Video Streaming technology. We can also carry IPTV signals over our Wi-Fi network so that you can connect your wired of wireless Set Top box to AirTies Access Points and watch HD or UHD IPTV service with no cabling required.


It’s usually a nightmare to setup a new Wi-Fi network or change the configuration of an existing one especially if you are a home user not an IT specialist. AirTies Touch technology enables you to set up your new Wi-Fi network by touch of a button and to configure by using AirTies Wi-Fi smart phone app. AirTies Premium Wi-Fi kit comes with multiple Access Points that are pre-configured to form AirTies Mesh network by just installing them in multiple locations and turning them on. If you want to further extend your Wi-Fi network, you can simply buy an extension Access Point and pair it by pressing the “WPS” button on the new one and one of the existing AirTies Access Points.

You can access your new Wi-Fi network by choosing the network name and entering the password written on the bottom side of AirTies Access Points. You can change your wireless settings by downloading and installing AirTies Wi-Fi smart phone app.


We want to make sure that your Wi-Fi network works well once you install and it remains in good condition all the time. AirTies Access Points continuously monitor the health of the Wi-Fi network and provide feedback to AirTies Cloud View servers. AirTies Cloud View system analyzes the data and provides guidance to customer support center in order to proactively identify and fix potential problems before it starts bothering you. That way we make sure that you get the best out of your Wi-Fi network all the time.


We are not the only ones using Wi-Fi network in our neighborhood. When next door is downloading a large file or watching video, it reduces your Wi-Fi speed when you are using the same frequency channel. AirTies Interference Avoidance technology makes sure that your Wi-Fi Network is not using the frequency channels that are occupied by your neighbors, so that you can enjoy the capacity of the least busy channel.