25M Homes

Airties Cloud Surpasses 25 Million Homes
for Managed Wi-Fi

Service providers adopting Airties Cloud to enhance Wi-Fi experience for subscribers
Airties to share insights from Airties Cloud at Broadband World Forum  

ISTANBUL – October 13, 2020

At Broadband World Forum, Airties, the most widely deployed supplier of managed Wi-Fi solutions to service providers globally, today announced that more than 25 million homes are now managed by Airties Cloud. Service providers across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia rely on Airties Cloud to monitor, manage, and optimize home Wi-Fi performance. 

“Home Wi-Fi is more essential than ever in today’s world, and Internet service providers play the central role in keeping us all connected and productive,” said Philippe Alcaras, CEO of Airties. “At Airties, our mission is to empower service providers to deliver the best managed Wi-Fi experience for their customers. We recently surpassed a major milestone with more than 25 million homes managed by Airties Cloud and expect that to double in the next few years, as service providers around the world focus even more on enhancing the end-to-end broadband experience.”

Alcaras continued, “Each service provider is unique, and they require flexible, secure, and scalable Smart Wi-Fi solutions to support the rise in remote working and learning, telehealth, home entertainment, and super-connected homes. Our portfolio is flexible to meet their different needs, with hardware agnostic Smart Wi-Fi software, Airties Cloud platform, extenders, expert Wi-Fi professional services – and a dedication to ongoing support and product innovation.”

Airties Cloud is a secure, GDPR-compliant Wi-Fi management platform that continuously optimizes each individual home network and gives service providers real-time visibility into their subscribers’ Wi-Fi performance, allowing remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. It enables operators to examine performance across individual homes, regional clusters, or an entire installed base, and provides a unique “Wi-Fi Experience Index” to help operators better serve their customers. It provides predictive resolutions of Wi-Fi issues, reducing the need for technician visits, and proactively identifies homes in need of broadband upgrades, additional extenders, or device upgrades. Airties Cloud also fully integrates with operators’ existing management systems through secure APIs to support customer care, network operations and installation teams, and customer marketing departments.

Analysis from Airties Cloud

Recently, Airties published a research paper for service providers entitled “The Catalyst Effect: Understanding the Impact of Lockdown on Residential Wi-Fi and Future Implications”. The research relied on real-world, anonymized insights from Airties Cloud, examining the impact on Wi-Fi usage during lockdown and beyond, and the important implications for the future of Internet service providers. Among the findings, research found that when under pressure, home Wi-Fi performance does not worsen in a linear fashion correlated with increased usage, but rather that it deteriorates in an exponential way. Overall, during lockdown, users’ quality of experience (QoE) deteriorated by 160%, with peaks reaching 200%, relative to the increase in Wi-Fi usage and activity. This “catalyst effect” remains prevalent in the post-lock down period as well, and the paper outlines the potential impact and remedies for service providers. The findings will be one of the topics discussed by Airties’ executives at the upcoming Broadband World Forum virtual event.

On October 13, Philippe Alcaras, CEO of Airties, will speak on the session: “Managing the Software of the Connected Home to Deliver Better Customer Experience.” On October 15, Bart Vercammen, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Airties’ software product line, will speak on the session: Customer Experience in Peak Demand – the ‘New’ Normal. Registration information is available at https://tmt.knect365.com/bbwf/. Additional information about Airties can be found at www.airties.com.

About Airties

Founded in 2004, Airties is the most widely deployed provider of managed in-home Wi-Fi solutions to operators around the globe. The company offers Smart Wi-Fi software, a cloud-based management platform and Mesh extenders. Service providers turn to Airties for the design, implementation, and ongoing optimization of their customers’ broadband experience. Airties’ technologies have been deployed by more than 50 service providers across 4 different continents, including: Altice USA, AT&T, Singtel, Sky, Telia, Telstra and many others. More information is available at www.airties.com.

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