Fierce Broadband Technology Summit

May 2022

Fierce Broadband Technology Summit

03:00 PM

We attended the Broadband Technology Summit hosted by Fierce Wireless on May 23-24!

On Monday, May 23, Scott Stinson, Head of Business Development Americas BU at Airties, spoke at Wi-Fi Evolution and the In-Home Experience‘ panel at Fierce Broadband Technology Summit hosted by Fierce Wireless.

  • Date and Time: Monday, May 23 | 3:00 PM ET
  • Panel Name: Wi-Fi Evolution and the In-Home Experience
  • Description: Residential broadband providers understand that delivering reliable WiFi throughout the home is just as important as the quality of service going to the home. As competition for broadband subscribers intensifies, providing the best in-home experience will be a key differentiator. Have operators seen tangible benefits from offering managed WiFi and smart WiFi services? Where do WiFi6, WiFi 6e, and WiFi 7 fit into current and future WiFi offerings? What types of new services will drive the adoption of new WiFi technologies and how will operators ensure the successful delivery of those services in the home?
  • Airties Speaker: Scott Stinson, Head of Business Development Americas BU
  • Other Panelist: Richard Squire, Director of Connectivity Strategy at Liberty Global
  • Moderator: Jeff Heynen, Vice President Broadband Access & Home Networking

About Broadband Technology Summit

Put to the test the past few years, home broadband networks have performed admirably, with MSO’s and telcos alike handling increase usage with minimal interruption. Yet, with dozens of low latency applications and high bandwidth services on the horizon, networks will need to continue to evolve to meet the needs of consumers in the coming decade.  What is the best path for operators to update their networks? What are the must have technologies and functionalities that must be implemented to provide the most scalability and flexibility? And when will we be technically ready for a converged future where consumers are able to have one broadband plan for all of their needs?

From DOCSIS 4.0, to Fiber, Fixed Wireless, and beyond,  Fierce Telecom and Dell’Oro Group’s joint Broadband Technology Summit on May 23-24, will cover all of the leading trends with experts from across the industry.