The Global Cloud & 5G Conference

Jun 2022

The Global Cloud & 5G Conference

11:30 AM

We attended the Global Cloud & 5G Conference 2022 on June 23-24!

On Friday, June 24, Nicolas Fortineau, our EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, gave a keynote presentation on ‘The intersection of 5G and home connectivity‘ at the Global Cloud & 5G Conference.

  • Date and time: Friday, June 24 | 11:30 am
  • Location: Cloud & 5G Stage, Tobacco Dock London
  • Airties Speaker: Nicolas Fortineau, EVP and CMO of Airties
  • Presentation: The intersection of 5G and home connectivity
  • Description: Wi-Fi and 5G technologies unlock unprecedented performance in connectivity. 5G provides a compelling access technology to reach many homes, but for overall device connectivity, Wi-Fi is and will remain the dominant wireless technology within the home. The two technologies co-exist and complement one another. This presentation by Nicolas Fortineau, EVP and CMO of Airties will discuss the practical co-existence of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 based on real-world experiences with many of the world’s leading broadband service providers. He will share how Wi-Fi 6 can be used to offload 5G cellular data traffic and Airties’ experience launching the world’s first residential OpenRoaming trials. OpenRoaming is a major step forward for frictionless residential Wi-Fi access, and ushers in the future of 5G and home Wi-Fi convergence. In the context of 5G fixed wireless services for the home, this session will also discuss how broadband operators can look to Smart Wi-Fi as a means to both differentiate from standard services and generate incremental revenue, for example through combined 5G/Wi-Fi 6 routers for small businesses and residential services.