Smart Wi-Fi Access Points

High performance Wi-Fi mesh APs so every home gets the wall-to-wall coverage they need

Smart Wi-Fi Access Points

High performance Wi-Fi mesh APs so every home gets the wall-to-wall coverage they need

Overcome connectivity dead spots with a full range of Wi-Fi mesh APs

Mesh Access Points designed to support the latest client devices and today's bandwidth-hungry applications

Ensure your customers get the full premium Wi-Fi experience in every room

Offer a premium option over retail alternatives - 75% of subscribers prefer their ISP to manage their Wi-Fi

Benefit from homeowner self-install options with Airties Vision app or zero-touch provisioning for fast roll-out

Best performance in a compact design - expertise perfected through many generations of access points

Bring the fastest speeds and latest technology, such as Wi-Fi 6, even with legacy gateways


AT&T ensures full coverage in every home with Airties Smart Wi-Fi extenders

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The Airties Promise for Service Providers

A key element of our portfolio, Airties APs can be combined with our
Smart Wi-Fi upgrades for 3rd party gateways or implemented as a standalone solution:

  • Extender-only approach allows fast time-to-market
  • Lower TCO for deployments combining extenders with GW integration projects
  • Full range of hardware models for each Wi-Fi generation, each enhancing the minimum feature sets defined by industry bodies and chipset manufacturers
  • Even extender-only deployments can be combined with Airties Cloud or the Vision app
  • Full coverage in every home as up to 6 APs can be installed for a single mesh network

A testament to Airties’ expertise and research validated in real-world conditions, Airties steering:

  • Continually adjusts to the ever-changing environment in the home through self-learning configurations
  • Manages both mobile device connectivity as people move around as well as band/radio steering to minimize congestion and interference
  • Airties mesh APs enable fluid, zero-latency handovers for all mobile devices as people move around their homes

Our focus on the in-home experience helps ISPs improve customer satisfaction and perform better in their markets: 

  • Airties mesh APs enable fluid, zero-latency hand-over when moving around the home
  • Patented Wi-Fi Experience Index mechanism to continuously monitor end-user experience
  • Hybrid Cloud-Edge architecture constantly improves the Wi-Fi performance by combining immediate adjustment to real-time conditions on APs with cloud learned analytics to optimize default settings and enable automatic cures

Airties APs are automatically kept up to date:

  • Continuous monthly release cycles guarantee bug fixes and continuous improvement
  • New features are released first on Airties APs and are available in full – including for existing customers
  • Plan new service activation with release cycles for optimal market timing

Our specialization is Wi-Fi for the Internet Service Provider, tailoring our portfolio to each operators’ individual needs and market:

  • #1 Smart Wi-Fi market leaders with more than 25M homes managed by Airties Cloud
  • 15 years’ perfecting Wi-Fi technologies with more than 35 Wi-Fi related patents
  • No retail activity or shareholder pressure to divert focus away from service providers
  • Dedicated engineering support to ensure smooth integration, whether for cloud alignment with backend operations, app customization, sizing of targeted extender deployments, etc.

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