T-Mobile Selects Airties for Home Wi-Fi Deployments Across USA

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T-Mobile Selects Airties for Home Wi-Fi Deployments Across USA

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Empowering broadband operators to harness the Connected Home

Trusted by operators worldwide

"Working with Airties, we are able to deliver super-fast, high-performance home Wi-Fi designed to meet the evolving needs of consumers today and tomorrow."


Cem Çelebiler, CEO

“After a thorough evaluation, we selected Airties as our strategic supplier because consumers today expect the best possible connectivity right down to the device.”


Juan Luna, CTIO

"The Astro Fibre app with Airties’ Smart Wi-Fi solutions strengthens our Astro Fibre offering by giving our customers the power to fully control, monitor and secure their home network."


Mauro Di Pietro Paolo, Chief Technology Officer

"After examining the market, we selected Airties because of the proven quality, scalability, and versatility of their Smart Wi-Fi portfolio."


Pedro Bandeira, VP of Product and New Business

“As Australia’s leading broadband provider, we’re constantly looking to drive innovation in speed, reliability, and connectivity so our customers can enjoy the best Wi-Fi experience.”


Nathan Gumley, Executive of Home & Entertainment

"Airties helps ensure we deliver a premium Wi-Fi service, with ultra-fast speeds and complete in-home coverage for all."


Jesper Korsskov, Senior Vice President of Connectivity

“With Airties Cloud, we can now proactively manage and optimize our customers’ Wi-Fi to help them stay connected and entertained.”


Jim Casteele, Chief Consumer Market Officer

"After evaluating the market we decided to use Airties - because of their performance, the scalability and their proven track record in serving large ISPs around the globe."


Frode Elverum, Head of Broadband

“We are introducing the new AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender – a state-of-the-art device that gives you the strongest Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home.”


Stephen Vincent, AVP, Product Marketing

"I’m happy that we get to cooperate with companies like Airties to further improve people’s online experiences around the globe."


Hans Kornmann, Founder and CEO

“We selected Airties as our strategic supplier because of the proven performance of their end-to-end portfolio of Smart Wi-Fi software and products."


Jean-Christophe Reversat, Director of Product and Services Development

"We selected Airties because of their global track record of success, and a shared commitment to providing the best possible Wi-Fi experience to our subscribers.” 


Michał Bartkowiak, CEO

“The total user experience provided by our team and Airties is outstanding. We have been very impressed with the customer reaction following deployment.”


Jørgen Stensgaard, CEO


Wi-Fi Alliance introduces

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ is here, introducing powerful new features that boost Wi-Fi performance and improve connectivity across a variety of environments. See what it means to broadband providers.

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Airties Collaborates with Qualcomm to Accelerate 5G Fixed Wireless Adoption with Broadband Carriers

Airties’ Smart Wi-Fi software to be optimized for use with Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G Fixed Wireless Access platforms to simplify OEM product development and enhance quality of experience at the intersection of local and wide-area networks

Read the press release


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