Airties Information Security Policy

With the aim of becoming the Worldwide #1 provider of technology and solutions to Broadband operators for smart in-home Wi-Fi solutions, Airties commits to protect confidentiality, availability and integrity of corporate information, personally identifiable information, information systems and business processes of Airties and its stakeholders.

Corporate information security covers all parties with access to Airties information systems, including employees, visitors, contractors and consultants and all information (data) processed by Airties information systems regardless of whether it is electronic or in paper (hard copy) form.

All employees of Airties are acting to protect the valuable corporate information by preventing and
eliminating information security risks through:

  • compliance to with applicable lSO27001:2013 and legal requirements, and other requirements to which Airties subscribes relative to its business activities.
  • performing information security risk assessments for all information systems on a regular basis in order to identify key information risks and determine the controls required to keep those risks within acceptable limits.
  • getting educated, trained and remaining motivated to carry out tasks by considering information security, create continual raising of awareness, protection of corporate information and improvement of the Information Security Management System.
  • regardless of their mission and position, following corporate information security policies and procedures in order to protect Airties from undesired effects of possible information security incident.
  • timely informing the Information Security Team in case of witnessing of any kind of information security incident to increase success of incident response efforts.
  • include security requirements in the design and lifecycle of all products and services provided by Airties.

Unit Heads are the primary responsible for information security within their area of responsibility. They are responsible of conducting business processes by conforming to this Information Security Policy and related security policy and procedures.

To meet these aims and conform to best practice, Airties is committed to implement Information Security Management System and related the security controls as set out in the ISO/IEC 27002:2013 standard. Top Management is also committed to provide the required resources for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an Information Security Management System.

Any nonconformity to corporate security standards, will be accepted as a security policy violation and be
processed according to corporate disciplinary procedures.