Airties Vision Companion App

Allow easy AP self-install and homeowner control on their network

Airties Vision Companion App

Allow easy AP self-install and homeowner control on their network

Puts homeowners in control – visibility on their network and step by step guidance for mesh AP installation and positioning

Intuitive dashboard for easy activity tracking, and helpful wizards for advanced features

Flexible broadband operator options to customize the app to your brand through SDKs

Set up parental controls or guest networks at the touch of a button

Customers can flag issues directly through the app to the broadband operator cloud, reducing support calls

Topolgy view with real-time information on network status

The Airties Promise for Broadband Operators

The Airties Vision app empowers homeowners, so they only call you when it’s really necessary:

  • It provides them with an easy-to-use means of managing their home network and access (parental controls and guest access)
  • The app guides homeowners through every step of access point installation and set up, reducing need for truck rolls and can even propose solutions for issues such as bad AP placement
  • The app also provides operators with a powerful channel for incident reporting or customer sell through, such as targeted access point promotion

Our focus on the in-home experience helps broadband operators improve customer satisfaction and perform better in their markets:

  • Allows homeowners to fix the rules on who and how access is allowed in their home network
  • With an intuitive UI and easy navigation, the app provides clear visual instructions, minimizing the need for text-based explanations
  • Users can visualize their network, carry out a speed test and even identify issues without having to call support centers

The Airties Vision app can be used off the shelf or customized to the operator brand or even integrated via an SDK to populate an existing operator companion app

Protecting your privacy, as well as the privacy of your customers is very important to us:

  • The Airties Vision app is fully synchronized with the Airties Cloud platform which implements systematic anonymization of all operator customer data before it is processed or analyzed
  • Our processes are fully compatible with data privacy regulations in every territory where we operate
  • Our companion app includes full integration of our partner security offers from companies that are world class in their domain
  • This and other partner solutions such as self-care, motion detection, allows broadband operators avoid extended integration times and ensure quick rollout of additional services

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