Simplifying the route to complex Wi-Fi security. Together.


Simplifying the route to complex Wi-Fi security. Together.



The increased awareness of the importance of security and privacy in home networking has been driven over the past few years by the advancement of privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, to name a few), as well as several high-profile data breaches. Most recently, the outbreak of a global pandemic accelerated this process even further, with a massive shift to work and study from home that increased the number of connected home devices.

A recent F-Secure survey found 83% of consumers said good Wi-Fi coverage and connection speed are important or very important when selecting a Wi-Fi router.1 The next highest consideration is internet security on the router that protects all home devices, which 74% of consumers described as important or very important. At the same time, 65% of consumers expect their service provider to include advanced security as part of their broadband package, and 69% of them would like an app that could enable parental controls, guest network, etc.²

Facilitating challenges of service providers through smart collaboration

Service providers looking to stand out from competitors are often challenged by limited resources to deliver new market-ready solutions fast. The current market dynamics motivated Airties to join forces with F-Secure (a leading cybersecurity provider) to enhance security and home Wi-Fi management for Internet service providers.

Hear from Philippe Alcaras, CEO at Airties, and Kristian Järnefelt, Executive Vice President, Consumer Security at F-Secure, discuss how service providers can turn current challenges into opportunities to increase ARPU and delight their customers.

Three pillars of smart and secure Home Wi-Fi – operator-centric, consumer-first

Seamless combination of security and Wi-Fi management enables service providers to simplify their consumers’ whole-home experience. 

  • Smart Wi-Fi: ensuring reliable Wi-Fi in every corner of the home that automatically adjusts to current demands for the best online experience.
  • Smart home security: protecting all connected devices against online threats and hacking, keeping the entire family safe with a single service
  • Home network control: defining usage rules for family and guests, adjusting connectivity as needed, by prioritizing selected devices through a consumer-friendly application 

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[1] Source: F-Secure Connected Home consumer survey, April 2020 (11 country data, n=4 400)

[2] Source: Airties Consumer Survey, January 2020 (US, n=1 050)