Airties Edge Software

Future-proof your broadband offers by upgrading your deployed gateways and routers

Airties Edge Software

Future-proof your broadband offers by upgrading your deployed gateways and routers

Enhance the broadband experience across your entire installed base, even without new hardware

Going beyond industry standards and chipset features to bring the best of Smart Wi - Fi to your broadband customers

Improve the connected digital lives
of your entire customer base

Reduce Wi-Fi issues by 50% by offering consistent, high quality Wi-Fi coverage

Improve customer satisfaction without the need to swap out existing CPE hardware

Benefit from automatic upgrades to always enjoy the latest Wi - Fi improvements

Faster time to market with over 100+ CPE platforms already integrated with Airties Edge Software

The Airties Promise for Broadband Operators

The benefits of Wi-Fi management in the cloud are well known. It brings flexibility and scalability. But to overcome the drawbacks of relying solely on cloud, Airties chooses a hybrid cloud-edge approach to network management.

Combining the best of both cloud and edge technologies enables broadband operators:

  • Effective Wi-Fi management for a great user experience
  • Business efficiencies: lower latency and reduced costs
  • Smarter data-driven decision-making


Our specialization is Wi-Fi for the Broadband Operator, tailoring our portfolio to each operators’ individual needs and market 

  • Airties Edge Software can upgrade any residential gateway to become an intelligent Wi-Fi mesh AP, often covering the needs of a majority of homes, even without extenders
  • Vast experience in software integration with more than 80 different CPE platforms from all leading RGW manufacturers
  • Dedicated engineering support to ensure smooth integration, whether for cloud alignment with backend operations, app customization, sizing of targeted extender deployments, etc.
  • No retail activity or shareholder pressure to divert focus away from broadband operators

All gateways equipped with Airties software are automatically updated : 

  • Ensuring every home has an exceptional Wi-Fi experience
  • Continuous monthly release cycles guarantee bug fixes and continuous improvement
  • Plan new service activation with release cycles for optimal market timing

A testament to Airties’ expertise and research validated in real-world conditions, Airties steering:

  • Continually adjusts to the ever-changing environment in the home through self-learning configurations
  • Manages both mobile device connectivity as people move around as well as band/radio steering to minimize congestion and interference

To offer unrivaled combined expertise:

  • We partner with companies that are world class in their respective domains, such as security, self care or motion detection
  • All our partner solutions are pre-integrated with our platforms avoiding extended integration times and a quick rollout of additional services

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