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Sustainability Policy

Airties is a global company delivering high performance Smart Wi-Fi solutions to people around the world through our broadband operator partners.  We believe that sustainability is an integral part of all our business practices to support our growth and develop our business.  We aim to adopt medium and long-term strategies that consider the interests of customers, employees, and all other stakeholders.

  • Our primary sustainability goal is to build a better connected, safer, and more prosperous world through the delivery of high-performance Smart Wi-fi solutions that are not only designed and produced to have minimal environmental and societal impact, but that also simplify and empower the connected lives of people.
  • Our objective is also to apply a continuous improvement program to all aspects of our business, and to improve impact across all environmental, economic, and social areas, increasing our contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We work to maximize the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our operations in the fight against climate change and require alignment with environmental regulations for all our suppliers and subcontractors.
  • By creating an equitable and positive work environment where human rights are respected, social justice is ensured and labor rights are constantly improved, and by spreading this understanding, we aim to increase the awareness of employees, customers, partners, and all other stakeholders on sustainability.
  • We act fairly, honestly, and objectively in the selection of suppliers, and carry out manufacturing and procurement audits that consider elements such as professionalism, materials used, the quality of the product, and the quality of the service.
  • Knowing that our customers’ expectations also enrich our sustainability perspective, we are committed to report our sustainability performance on many platforms transparently and improve it systematically.
  • We aim for full integration in all areas by carrying out all sustainability activities in harmony with the corporate culture.

Quality Policy

Airties has the mission of empowering all service providers to deliver exceptional digital life experiences to their customers through innovative Wi-Fi solutions. At Airties, we believe that sustainable leadership can only be achieved through uncompromising quality strategy and execution.

In this context, Airties commits to:

  • Building a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success, through the understanding of their needs and expectations.
  • Enhancing the systematic research and using of best preventive practices at all levels and ensuring reliable risk management.
  • Embedding the attention on the quality of product, service, and process, as well as the mission to excel in the areas which matter into the DNA of the organization
  • Continuously improving efficiency and sustainability in all areas ranging from customer contact, product definition, product development, order receipt, production, and shipment to after-sales support
  • Awareness of companywide quality culture with strong management commitment and involvement
  • Maintaining full compliance with regulatory and legal requirements and ensuring our customers’ privacy.
  • Ensuring the consistency and continuously improving the satisfaction of all our stakeholders and particularly our employees
  • Establishing, applying, maintaining, and continuously improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System in accordance with international management systems standards
  • Acting with the awareness of corporate social responsibility
  • Meeting the requirements of interested parties and our social, environmental, regulatory, and legislative responsibilities

Environmental Policy

With the mission of empowering all service providers to deliver their customers exceptional digital life experiences through innovative Wi-Fi solutions, Airties commits to continuously improving its environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste, providing high sustainability and gaining the trust of all stakeholders. All employees of Airties are acting to protect the environment by preventing and eliminating environmental pollution through:

  • Complying with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which Airties subscribes relative to its environmental aspects.
  • Educating, training, and motivating employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner, creating continual raising of awareness, preserving natural resources, and improving the EMS.
  • Encouraging environmental protection among suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Measuring, reporting, evaluating, and disclosing environmental performance associated with our offices, processes, and products on global disclosure systems by encouraging manufacturing partners to report their environmental performance regularly.
  • Following related procedures in order to decrease environmental pollution, preventing degradation and damage to the environment while reducing the waste and minimizing the consumption of resources.
  • Reducing adverse impact on water, soil, air, and biodiversity.

Sustainability Reports

Airties Sustainability Report 2022

Airties has published its third sustainability report: Airties Sustainability Report 2022, covering the various actions taken and progress made across the business for the year 2022.

Airties Sustainability Report 2021

Airties has published its second sustainability report: Airties Sustainability Report 2021, covering the various actions taken and progress made across the business for the year 2021.

Airties Sustainability Report 2020

This document is the first sustainability report of Airties. The scope of this annual report is business activities of the company during the calendar year of 2020 (1st January 2020- to 31st of December 2020) and covers the non-financial economic, social and environmental performance of the company for that year.

This report summarizes our progress toward our sustainability targets, highlighting areas for improvement and outlining our intentions for the coming years. It includes data from 2020 for our offices in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, and France.

Regulatory & Compliance

Airties follows applicable laws, directives, standards and industry regulations. Products are marked accordingly, and in compliance with, Federal Communication Commission (FCC) standards, European Union Directives (CE Mark), ISED Canada and other countries’ marking requirements.

FCC Compliance:

Information in this section applies to products bearing the FCC mark:

Products available on the US market comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

This device is restricted for indoor use.

2.4 GHz operation of this product in the USA/CA is firmware limited to channels 1 through 11.

The operation of this is prohibited on oil platforms, cars, trains, boats, and aircraft, except the device is permitted in large aircraft while flying above 10,000 feet.

Operation of transmitters in the 5.915-7.125 GHz band is prohibited for control of or communication with unmanned aircraft systems.

FCC Radiation Exposure Statement:

FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure The information in this section applies to Airties products that are not intended to be operated close to the human body. The Airties product complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment when installed and operated with a minimum distance between the radiator and your body stated in the table below.

ProductsThe minimum distance between the device and the human body
Air 4920/ Air 492120cm
Air 493020cm
Air 4960/ Air 4960R20cm
Air 4960X/ Air 4960XR20cm
Air 498041cm

ISED Canada Compliance:

Products available on the Canadian market comply with Industry Canada’s license-exempt RSSs.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. The device may not cause interference; and
  2. The device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device.

For products available on the US/CAN market, only channel 1~11 can be operated. Selection of other channels is not possible.

2.4 GHz operation of this product in the USA/CA is firmware limited to channels 1 through 11.

Cet appareil contient des émetteurs / récepteurs exempts de licence qui sont conformes au (x) RSS (s) exemptés de licence d’Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada. L’opération est soumise aux deux conditions suivantes:

  1. Cet appareil ne doit pas provoquer d’interférences.
  2. Cet appareil doit accepter toute interférence, y compris les interférences susceptibles de provoquer un fonctionnement indésirable de l’appareil.

The device for operation in the band 5150–5250 MHz is only for indoor use to reduce the potential for harmful interference to co-channel mobile satellite systems.

Les dispositifs fonctionnant dans la bande 5150-5250 MHz sont réservés uniquement pour une utilisation à l’intérieur afin de réduire les risques de brouillage préjudiciable aux systèmes de satellites mobiles utilisant les mêmes canaux.

Operation on oil platforms, cars, trains, boats and aircraft shall be prohibited except for on large aircraft flying above 10,000 ft.

Utilisation interdite à bord de plateformes de forage pétrolier, de voitures, de trains, de bateaux et d’aéronefs, sauf à bord d’un gros aéronef volant à plus de 10 000 pieds d’altitude.

For indoor use only.

Pour une utilisation en intérieur uniquement.

IC Radiation Exposure Statement:

The Airties product complies with IC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment when installed and operated with a minimum distance between the radiator and your body, except as stated in the table below when greater distances are needed.

Produits Airties sont conformes aux limites IC d’exposition aux rayonnements définies pour un environnement non contrôlé. Produits Airties doivent être installés et utilisés avec distance minimum de  entre le radiateur et votre corps sauf comme indiqué dans le tableau.

ProductsThe minimum distance between the device and the human body
Air 493020cm
Air 4960/ Air 4960R22cm
Air 4960X/ Air 4960XR22cm
Air 498021cm

EU Declarations of Conformity:

Hereby Airties declares that the products with CE marking are in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU and comply with the requirement of Article 10(2) as they can be operated in at least one Member State as examined.

In accordance with Article 10(10) Airties products which are restricted to indoor use only when operating in the 5150 to 5350 MHz frequency range in the following countries.

In line with Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) conditions, the device must be used at least 20cm away from the body. Failure to observe these instructions could result in RF exposure exceeding the relevant guidelines.

Belgium (BE), Bulgaria (BG), Czech (CZ), Denmark (DK), Germany (DE), Estonia (EE), Ireland (IE), Greece (EL), Spain (ES), France (FR), Croatia (HR), Italy (IT), Cyprus (CY), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Luxembourg (LU), Hungary (HU), Malta (MT), Netherlands (NL), Austria (AT), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Slovenia (SI), Slovakia (SK), Finland (FI), Sweden (SE), United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) (UK(NI)), Turkey (TR), Norway (NO), Switzerland (CH), Iceland (IS), Liechtenstein (LI).

In accordance with Article 10.8(a) and 10.8(b) of the RED, the following table provides information on the frequency bands used and the maximum RF transmit power of Airties wireless products for sale in the EU.

Frequency range (MHz)Channels usedMax. Transmit Power (dBm/mW)
2400-2483.51-13OFDM: 19,9dBm (97.7mW)
CCK: 17,9dBm (61.7mW)
5150-525036-4822,9dBm (195mW)
5250-535052-6422,9dBm (195mW) with TPC
19,9dBm (97.7mW) without TPC
5470-5725100-14029,9dBm (977mW) with TPC
26,9dBm (490mW) without TPC
5945-64251-9322.9dBm (195mW)

TPC = Transmit Power Control, a mechanism that reduces transmitting power to minimize interference for nearby networks.

The full text of the EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is available at the following internet address: (Please click on the Model to view Declarations of Conformity)

Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive

Airties Products are under the scope of 1275/2008, amended by 801/2013 Eco-design requirements for standby and off mode and networked standby, electric power consumption of electrical and electronic household and office equipment, 2019/1782 Eco-design requirements for external power supplies.

The Products are “networked equipment with high network availability” (HINA equipment)

The device will automatically enter idle mode immediately when there is no network activity. There is no visible indicator or LED that will show that the device is in idle mode.

 The power consumption of the device in idle mode is measured when all wired network ports are connected and all wireless network ports are activated. The Wireless network ports of the device can be deactivated manually through the Wireless menu in Web UI / Mobile Application of the device.

The power consumption in idle/ Networked-Standby mode. 

Model NameTypeOff Mode Power(W)Maximum Power Consumption in Networked Standby(idle) mode (W)
Air 4830HINA0.54.6
Air 4920HINA0.54.9
Air 4930HINA0.54.6
Air 4960&Air 4960RHINA0.55.5
Air 4960X&Air 4960XRHINA0.55.0
Air 4980HINA0.58.0


Airties products comply with the restriction in EU RoHS directive (2011/65/EU) as amended by Directive 2015/863/EU published 4th June 2015 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

REACH Legislation

Airties products comply with Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical (EC) 1907/2006.

WEEE Directive

Airties products comply with EU Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

In accordance with Article 11(2) in Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE), products were marked with the symbol: a cross-out wheeled waste bin with a bar.

Recycling of electrical and electronic equipment

This symbol indicates the obligation of separate collection of electrical and electronic equipment and differentiation from other waste. Hazardous substances contained in electrical and electronic equipment and their improper use may have adverse effects on the environment and human health. Once out of use, this product should be disposed of separately from regular household waste streams. Please follow your local and national guidelines for the responsible disposal of electronic waste when the product’s lifecycle is over.

TUV Rheinland Certification

TUV Rheinland Green Product is the most comprehensive certification for voluntary green product certifications​.

Certification for a specific product is valid for 3 years with annual audits​.

Extensive list of hazardous chemical substances and recycling requirements checked with evidence/test reports – not declaration based.​

TUV Rheinland Green Product certification done for Air 4960X and Air 4960XR with the registered marking shown below.

For more details see: TUV Declarations

Open-Source Software :

Airties products contain Open Source Software. Detailed information on the applicable licenses and license terms can be found on the device’s user interface.

Airties products make use of software developed by the open-source community. Any such software is licensed under the specific license terms applicable to that particular software (like GPL, LGPL etc). Detailed information on the applicable licenses and license terms can be found on the device’s user interface.

By using this product, you acknowledge that you have reviewed such license terms and that you agree to be bound by them.

Where such terms entitle you to the source code of said software, that source code will be made available at cost upon request from Airties.

To obtain a copy of said source code, please send your request, including the device model & serial number, in writing via email to  or via snail mail to:


Şehit Mehmet Mikdat Uluünlü Sokak No. 23 Esentepe, Şişli

34394 İstanbul,


Airties will mail you a CD with the requested source code at the cost of CD preparation and shipping & handling.

For details please contact

Third-Party Software or Firmware

The use of software or firmware not supported/provided by Airties products may result in the equipment no longer being compliant with the regulatory requirements.

IMDA-TS-SRD and IMD-TS-RG-SEC Compliance:

Airties declare that the equipment listed below has been registered with the Info-communications Media Development Authority under regulation 20(6) of the Telecommunications (Dealers) Regulations (Cap 323, Rg 6) (the “Dealers Regulations”) and approved for sale in Singapore. Your attention is drawn to the relevant provisions and requirements of the Dealers Regulations described below.

Brand / Trade Name : Airties

Model No: Air 4960R

Safety Instructions :

WARNING: Do not use this product near water, for example, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool.

WARNING: Avoid using this product during an electrical storm. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning.

WARNING: The power plug is designed to act as a disconnect device. The indoor power outlet must be easily accessible. This Product is intended for indoor use only.

You must be careful when using the device near personal medical devices, such as pacemakers and hearing aids. All wireless products are sensitive to interference which may affect their performance.

This device is not intended for use by young children.

The device contains small parts which are a choking hazard.

The product should not be used in areas that present a risk of explosion or an explosive atmosphere. Such environments may include but are not limited to, petrol stations, boats, storage facilities, and transportation units for chemicals, and anywhere the air may contain chemicals or large quantities of particles such as grain, dust, or metal.

The product must not be installed or placed in a location subject to direct sunlight, direct heat or excessive moisture

The product must not be installed or used in areas that are not sufficiently ventilated or that build up excessive heat.

Do not cover or block the ventilation slots of the device.

Use only approved accessories and power adapter.

Do not connect with incompatible products or accessories.

The only way to completely turn off the power is to unplug the product. Always unplug before any kind of cleaning or maintenance of the product.

Clean with a damp cloth, avoid aerosol and liquid cleaners

Handle the product carefully to avoid damage

Do not attempt to disassemble and repair the product, its power adapter, or cables

Never push objects of any kind into this device through any openings other than the “RESET” hole as they may touch voltage points or shortcut parts which could result in fire, explosion, or electric shock and permanently damage the product or cause injury

Do not expose the product or its accessories to extreme temperatures, keep within the range of minimum 0° (32 F) and maximum 40° (104 F) degrees Celsius.

Under the following conditions, The Product must be repaired by a qualified electrician:

  • If the power adapter or cable is damaged.
  • If the product has been exposed to rain or other moisture.

If the product does not operate as expected when following usage instructions.

  • If the product has been dropped or is visibly damaged.
  • You notice a distinct change in performance that indicates a need for maintenance.

EU Authorized Representative:

Airties Belgium:

Sneeuwbeslaan 20

2610 Wilrijk