Differentiating Broadband with Managed Wi-Fi for the Ultimate Customer Experience 


Differentiating Broadband with Managed Wi-Fi for the Ultimate Customer Experience 


The world has experienced an unprecedented shift towards digital connectivity, which accelerated during the “Covid-years”. As a result, home Wi-Fi networks have become the backbone of our daily lives, driving the need for a reliable, fast and smooth user experience. As consumer expectations continue to outpace supply, broadband operators must adapt their marketing strategies and can focus on Wi-Fi quality as a key competitive differentiator.  

How Bouygues Telecom leads in Wi-Fi performance in France

Bouygues Telecom has been recognized for their superior Wi-Fi experience by the independent auditor nPerf Speed Test.

Home Wi-Fi networks play a critical role in delivering a quality experience across all devices and applications to keep up with customers’ rising expectations and can also allow broadband service providers outstrip the speed/price spiral of death to differentiate their services. 

The Shift in Marketing Focus

For years, broadband service providers focused their marketing messages on speed and price. While these factors were adequate for the early stages of broadband, today’s consumers often have the theoretical speeds they need (at least to their home gateway or router), but not the reliability nor the quality of service. To stand out in today’s competitive market, service providers must prioritize the end-to-end performance – right down to the device in their customers’ hands and highlight home Wi-Fi as a key element in their messaging. 

Wi-Fi Needs a Management Platform for Real-Time QoE Monitoring

With today’s increasingly fast access technologies, where 200Mbps is frequently available and some operators can even offer 1Gbps, speed is no longer a shorthand for users’ quality of experience. For today’s internet users, speed is often basic table stakes; they want an experience that encompasses a range of metrics, including reliability, customer service, simplicity and Wi-Fi connection quality.  

To ensure that their broadband service is delivered optimally, service providers need to invest in cloud-based management platforms that monitor these multiple factors to evaluate their subscribers’ QoE in real-time. These platforms help providers quickly identify and address any issues and can even proactively fix issues before they impact the user experience ensuring a consistently high-quality connection for their customers. 

As the demand for high-quality home Wi-Fi networks continues to grow, service providers must focus on the overall quality of the service, and leverage robust, reliable Wi-Fi as a key differentiator. By investing in cloud-based management platforms and embracing smart Wi-Fi technologies, providers can deliver exceptional connected home experiences that keep customers coming back for more. 

This article is authored by:

Juliet Bonnard,

Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Airties