Airties Cloud Platform

Embrace the complete operator solution
for Connected Homes

Airties Cloud Platform

Embrace the complete operator solution
for Connected Homes

Measure and manage the performance of your customers' broadband experience

Actionable insights into customers’ network conditions and metrics for customer care, operations and marketing

Self-optimizing network learns the best possible home network configuration through usage pattern analysis

Dashboard view to analyze usage trends and get a deeper understanding of installed base

Visibility for effective root cause diagnostics – fix your customer issues on the first call

Multi-level data sets for technical support deep dives

Proactive alarms and data analysis for targeted recommendations and upgrades

Keep your finger​ on the pulse​ with our​ Wi-Fi Experience Index​


Proximus offers intelligent Wi-Fi with Airties Cloud

"With AirTies Cloud, we can now proactively manage and optimize our customers’ Wi-Fi to help them stay connected and entertained.” Jim Casteele, Chief Consumer Market Officer, Proximus

The Airties Promise for Broadband Operators

The benefits of Wi-Fi management in the cloud are well known. It brings flexibility and scalability. But to overcome the drawbacks of relying solely on cloud, Airties chooses a hybrid cloud-edge approach to network management.

Combining the best of both cloud and edge technologies enables broadband operators:

  • Effective Wi-Fi management for a great user experience
  • Business efficiencies: lower latency and reduced costs
  • Smarter data-driven decision-making

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Our focus on the in-home experience helps broadband operators improve customer satisfaction and perform better in their markets: 

  • Airties Cloud crunches performance data to optimize default settings and enable automatic cures for both individual homes as well as the full installed base
  • The local edge software in the CPE or access points harnesses the power of Airties Cloud to “learn” the best Wi-Fi setting for real-time conditions, a unique Cloud-Edge architecture
  • It includes a patented Wi-Fi Experience Index mechanism to continuously monitor end-user experience
  • Real-time visibility at individual home level brings improved diagnostics to accurately identify & resolve issues

Another key element of our portfolio, Airties Cloud supports any Smart Wi-Fi integration for 3rd party gateways or AP-only deployment: 

  • Scalable for every broadband operator, Airties Cloud brings the visibility you need whether your installed base is in the thousands or millions
  • Dashboards and feature-set can be customized to fit with your existing and future customer support needs
  • Airties Cloud can populate operator’s own companion app or provide full feature options through the Airties Vision app

Protecting your privacy, as well as the privacy of your customers is very important to us:

  • Airties Cloud Platform implements systematic anonymization of all operator customer data before it is processed or analyzed
  • Our processes are fully compatible with data privacy regulations in every territory we operate

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